Mutengo Consulting

Organisational Development & Learning Consultancy

We are a private consultancy based in Johannesburg, South Africa, working with civil society organisations in the southern Africa region.

We seek ways to increase civil society organisations’ sustainability and impact through strengthening organisational capacity, ensuring the management of effective change processes and fostering productive relationships with a range of stakeholders.


Expertise & Services Provided

Organisational Development & Change Management

Reviewing civil society organisations as a whole and assisting people to identify the type, style and content of changes needed to move forward.

Programme Management, Monitoring & Evaluation

Developing and assessing interventions to ensure alignment of people’s skills, knowledge and experience with organisational goals and the priorities of the wider development context.

Protection and Promotion of Child & Human Rights

Promoting the fulfilment of rights and facilitating child and human rights programme development and strengthening.

Technical Support

Facilitating a range of tailored training and support interventions to enhance the capabilities of teams and individuals.