About Us

Core Values & Working Principles

We believe...

… in reflection
We need to make time to stop and reflect on patterns in our lives to gain new understanding and insights;

… in listening
Processes should be given time to evolve organically through dialogue rather than imposed dogma;

… in action learning
Each project has a different context which needs to be understood and appreciated if we are to learn from our experiences;

… in collaboration
The best interactions arise out of collaboration between insiders and outsiders and include a diverse range of people;

… in transformation
The movement from one state to another – the letting go of the old so that we can accept the new and find our true potential;

Mutengo Consulting staff seek to ensure that the following working principles are reflected in all working relationships:

  • A strong participatory and rights-based orientation;
  • Active promotion of team work and multi stakeholder partnerships;
  • Encouragement of team reflection and learning;
  • Sensitivity to culturally diverse contexts;
  • Commitment to promoting pro poor programming and approaches that enable civil societies to actively engage and influence decision makers.